Queenie Hsiao



Queenie Hsiao is a NYC-based fashion designer originally from Taiwan. Her designs reflect the contrast between structure and nature, inspired by her grandfather, and integrate traditional tailoring components. Beyond fashion, her designs represent her own healing journey and aim to heal others who have faced similar traumas. She creates each design to tell a unique story, drawing from her experiences and research into trauma and healing. Designing is cathartic for Queenie, allowing her to express her emotions and experiences safely while sharing her journey with the world. Her hope is to inspire others to embark on their own path to healing and self-discovery.

Queenie Hsiao drew inspiration for her fashion collection from her grandfather, who was a farmer with a passion for suits. Her main goal was to combine the duality of structure and organic shapes. To achieve this, she used topographic shapes as her primary source of inspiration, which she laid onto suiting to create a unique blend of the two.

In her designs, Queenie incorporated cuts and layers to showcase the organic shapes and reveal the under layers of suiting. Her approach created new forms of creation that reflected the contrast between the organic and the structured.