Oron Tal


RENEWAL Thesis Statement

My thesis collection is based on my personal experiences with mental and emotional healing and recovery. Over the course of several months, I went through a series of many different methods to ease my mental and emotional pain, including meditation and journaling. My first real turning point was over the summer of 2022, when I travelled abroad to study at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. I had applied to study there a couple of months earlier, both for the renowned program and for a change of scenery. While in Italy, I made a whole new set of friends, went out clubbing and dining every night, and explored the city of Milan. For the first time in months, I felt like myself again.
My next turning point came when I visited Israel to be with my family for two months after studying in Milan. I spent a lot of my time with my family, and we spent many late nights up talking. They would always tell me to let go of external pressures and to focus on what made me feel happy inside, and thinking from that perspective allowed me to feel lighter and freer.
Image: My "Feelings Drawings" that became the basis of my designs.
Image: My "Feelings Drawings" that became the basis of my designs.
Image: My "Feelings Drawings" that became the basis of my designs.


For my design and making process, I used several multidiscplinary approaches to this collection. My initial approach was to create drapes and drawings that encapsulate my emotions and aid in my healing process.
I then developed fashion drawings and silhouettes based on my iterations in draping and my illustrations. My next step was a combination of my drapes and illustrations with mu fashion drawings.
Image: Process images
Image: Process Images


Oron Tal is a graduating senior from Parsons School of Design. His background is in visual arts, with his specialties being oil painting and watercoloring. His design sense is best described as abstract and whimsical, drawing upon many varied sources for research and pulling them together with several unexpected twists.

Tal loves bright colors and patterns and is fascinated by what many would deem “tacky” or in “poor taste”. He likes to test the boundaries between high fashion and tackiness and see how far he can push his designs. He loves to joke around and likes to carry his sense of humor into his work.