Noga Bensh



“I create ethical vegan fashion inspired by moving bodies, trying to catch a moment in the midst of movement, a visual and conceptual blur, inviting the viewer to explore and engage beyond the product that is the garment”
INDIVIDUAL is an integration of fashion and dance, moving together as a device that is gradually peeling the layers of the non-human and human animals’ delicate relationship. This is explored in various methods which visually and conceptually blur the lines, silence the differences and instead highlight the similarities, reminding us humans of our animality.
This collection's mission is to function as an invitation to an accommodating discourse questioning the current destructive standard of the relationship human animals and non-human animals have, with the purpose of propelling a change of systems, and the hope that our curated philosophy bringing awareness to humane fashion and dance will cultivate empathy.
Vegan materials and transparency of process sit at the core of my design approach. Asking to slow down the rapid pace of the fast fashion industry and suggesting an alternative which does not compromise on a curated aesthetic or craftsmanship.
All sourced locally, created from upcycled materials with no animal fibres, made by hand. The construction is transformative, inviting engagement and movement, the garments are convertible and reversible, adjustable in sizing to fit different bodies, and convey a non-binary aesthetic.


I am an Israeli international fashion design graduating student, now starting my own brand BENSH in collaboration with kind-hearted creative professionals.

I grew up in Herzliya, Israel with my two older sisters and pet dogs between the two houses of my divorced parents.

I started taking ballet and other dance classes when I was 3 years old. This hobby developed into an intensive professional creative endeavour.

I went to Thelma Yellin High School of The Arts, and majored in dance whilst working as a waitress. Due to an overuse injury caused by point shoes, I had to go through ankle surgery and quit dancing. My path took a different route, instead of moving forward with a professional dance career, I fulfilled full service for two years in the Navy Intelligence. During my military service, I simultaneously worked as a hostess manager and studied sewing and pattern making at Shenkar College. After my service at 21 years old, I began building my portfolio in Hastudio Art and Design Foundation, as well as in Central Saint Martins in London.

In 2019, I began studying in Parsons Paris, where I worked in the university's Communications and Events Team, worked remotely as an administrative manager for Carmelo Vacation Villas, interned in showrooms, and collaborated with artist Kathleen Ritter. I then transferred to the New York campus of Parsons School of Design and have accomplished to work to this day as the Associate Brand Manager at the vegan sustainable brand Brave GentleMan.

This is the first collection of BENSH, the first vegan demi-couture house.

Our brand is rooted in a community of over 30 creative professionals, consisting of a British Vogue Director and Editor, featured Vogue Photographers, professional Dancers from the Netherland, the Philippines and Israel, eight diverse professional Models, a Musician and Sound Producer, a Graphic Designer, Fashion Business and Marketing Analyst, etc. 

For this collection, we have partnered with Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve, whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate, advocate, and educate the public, on behalf of farmed animals.

This will take the final form of a dance performance, fashion film screening, exhibition of the four photoshoots, and a panel discussion at our BENSH brand launch on May 21st, 2023 taking place at Designers Collab.