Ning Tung Tong



Inflorescence borne by figs, formed by a fleshy, hollow receptacle with multiple ovaries on the inside surface.
Inspired by the process in which figs are made, the collection touches on themes of formation and femininity whilst natural & chemical materials converge. 
Image: Collage/color story
Image: Silicon treatment on hand bleached + dyed deadstock lace.
Image: Silicon dress and knapsack bag
Image: Coating treatment on thrifted lace material
Image: Hand knit silk + mohair convertible shrug
Image: Cheesecloth + startch soak with hand cut lace
Photography & direction by Ning Tung Tong
Modeled by Rylee Stumpf


Born & raised in Los Angeles, I am curious in approaching everyday-wear with an artisanal, delicate sensibility.

My work is piqued by experimental materiality, upcycling, draping and knitwear, with an interest in photography.

I live in Lower Manhattan with my cat, Baby.

Previously: Collina Strada, Melitta Baumeister, Paloma Wool, WWake.