Mingjia Xi


About the collection

I believe that we are in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies. Our bodies are where our souls reside, and we must learn to coexist with them throughout our lives. While our bodies are the essence of our existence, they can also feel like chambers in which we are locked. In modern society, the daily routine of dressing reinforces our image each time, but we are constantly being watched and judged when we make decisions about what to wear and what to like.
I feel the urge to escape from my body, to abandon my human form and take my skin off like garments. Through this, I seek to unchain myself from the expectations, judgments, and norms that society imposes on us.

As someone who has always been drawn to monstrous figures, I want to create a collection for the outsiders, for the “monsters”. I aim to blur the line between humans and other creatures, distorting it in the process. My sources of inspiration include films, comics, novels, and other fabricated stories. Each of my looks tells a story, celebrating the vulnerability and strength that we cannot always see.
After all, we are all made of flesh and blood.
We are all the same.
Image: Collection Line-up
Designer/Director: Mingjia Xi
Photographer: Zaccheo Zhang
Videographer: Feliz Li
Models: Brenda Mutoni, Zuoye (Muse Management)
Make-up Artist: Mitch Yoshida
Hair Stylist: Ben Gasper
Assistants: Shuhang Li, Helen Wang