Mimi Na

"why are you spending hours stitching by hands when you can get it done in minutes with iron and glue?"
"why are you using tailoring techniques still? those ideas are old... nobody in our age really cares about clothes like that anymore."
"the machine today can make this with way more perfection than human hands, why are you so stubborn with handicraft?"
"why analog? it's expensive, time-consuming, doesn't come out as you expect them everytime... you should consider digitalizing and speed up to our current world."
"why are you such a hippie...?"
hmm... but, why not?
i dont optimize time and money in exchange of my joy. what am i to do with the extra time and money? the results mean nothing to me if i can not enjoy the process. i feel like momo (novel by michael ende, you should read it btw)... what's the purpose of life for these grey gentlemen saving all their time up...? what's there to live if not for a life full of fun?
my debut collection is named "as is" because... why not? it is what it is because this is what makes sense in my world.
as it is. as i am. as you are. welcome to my world.
#as_is_01 @kindaflowerychild


1. discard the superficial masks you put on yourself everyday. you are loved just the way you are.
2. "as is" often refers to defect items. however, here it refers to the “imperfections” that is only present in handmade clothing. i insist to make garments by hands because the machine-made ones are emotion-less. i hope my creations can send you my love and warmth everytime you wrap them around your body.
photography .. rachel rabin // videography .. yujin park // sound design .. jing su // assistants .. jacob lee, jing su, jula baek // models .. barnaba fagioli, cameron booth, mimi na, ryan matthew, viola shanti // guidance .. markus huemer, yoon chang
viola in... INNERBALANCE bias-cut vest... 100% raw silk outer, 100% cotton sewn-in interfacing, 100% linen lining, cotton thread, silk thread, corozo buttons.
and MOVEMENT seamless trousers... 100% linen, cotton binding tape, cotton thread,silk thread.
cameron in... BUTTERFLY bias-cut blouse… 100%linen, 100% cotton pocketing, cotton thread, silk thread.
and TRUNK gusset-seam pants… 100% cotton corduroy, cotton thread, silk thread, corozo buttons.
mimi in… RICE braided one-piece… 100% raw silk, cotton binding tape, cotton thread, silk thread.
ryan in… RAINBOW seamless cape… 100% cotton outer, 100% cotton sewn-in interfacing, 100% linen appliqué, cotton thread, silk thread, corozo buttons.
and CANDYWRAPPER wrap skirt… 100% wool, 100% cotton sewn-in interfacing cotton thread, silk thread.
ryan in… OM kimono shirt… 100% raw silk, 100% linen appliqué, cotton binding tape, cotton thread, silk thread.
and CHAPPIE seamless trousers… 100% wool, 100 cotton sewn-in interfacing, cotton binding tape, cotton thread, silk thread, corozo buttons.

p.s. to our mother earth...

considering the environmental impact has always been an important part of my design process. everything is made one-of-a-kind by my hands. i believe in slow fashion. everything made by me will have access for repairing for its entire lifetime in the case the wearer does not like the natural worn-ness of the garments…
the material choices, even to the smallest detail of threads have been decided with conscious: i opt for waste or deadstock fabric when possible; otherwise all materials are naturally biodegradable with time if wearer decides the throw out.


it's lucky's world and i'm just living in it.