Michael Yuxiao Zhang



Dorveille expresses notions of the camp and wondrous within an ode to the immigrant experience; rediscovering the parallels between diaspora and queer escapism.

email: michaelyxz@gmail.com

Paying homage to the narratives of the Asian diaspora through textiles of universality, Dorveille is dreamt from the workwear of my family’s toils as an unabashed recollection of my past and my Australian upbringing.

Musing upon queer poetry, art and childhood recollections through a blend of couture cuts, drapes and scale, this collection highlights absurdity within classism by peering into a world of my own reverie. In creating this narrative dreamscape, I explore themes of my experiences with conversion therapy and the notions of freedom and inclusivity through garments as objects of allusion.

By questioning garments as objects of upwards mobility, this collection hopes to deconstruct sartorial structures of status and class, connecting the hopeful and transformative qualities of narrative based fashion as manners of celebration, musal inspiration and a boundless communal force.

This lookbook is shot by Lisa Wang and features friends and family as a celebration of my community.

Image: The Faun, The Gust, The Odile
Image: The Airborne, The Idyll, The Larrakin
Image: The Dryad, The Silt, The Dai
Image: The Naiad, The Mermaid

Designer: Michael Zhang

Lead Assist: Annika Luo
Design assist: Gigi Wong
Jiaxun Li

Styling consultant: Mai Toyoshima

Creative consultant: Gabrielle Leow

Photography: Lisa Wang
Videography: Alex McDowell

Cast: Xoai Pham
Mai Toyoshima
Katherine Nie
Junnan Wu
Jamee Riddle
David Hand
Tom Baker
Lisa Wang

Hair: April Andreu
Olivia Mairéad
Makeup: Jonathan Logan
Valentina Prensena

Production assist: Amanda Buschmann

Lighting/gaff: Chris Kitchen
BTS photography: Nuala Vizard
Sound production: Santino Jordan

Set fabrication: Stefano Pagani
Location Scout: Emma Chiyoko
Image: Final fitting 3.27.2022

Thank you to my incredible team, thank you Annika, Gigi and Jiaxun for being there for me during the entirety of this process. To Mai and Gabrielle, thank you for being a source of inspiration and reflection.

Thank you to my models and family for bodying and bringing each garment to life, for being so dedicated to fittings and to this celebration of community.

To my professors Lyn and Neil, without whom this collection would not have been possible, thank you for pushing me and for believing in me, my hopes and my vision.

Thank you to my lookbook and editorial team, without whom this project would not have come to reality.

And finally, thank you to my photographer and muse, Lisa, you have stood by me from the beginning. I am beyond honored to have been able to work with you on creating the world from conception to realisation.


Michael Yuxiao Zhang is an Australian designer who aims to challenge sartorial notions of class through reverie as a means of community. Designing with playful irreverence and always a wanting to seek for the musal and hopeful, his body of work explores themes of intersectionality through the fantastical. Championing design as a possibility for all identities, he hopes to celebrate his community and allow fashion to speak towards a future where garments denoting past systems of class and mobility no longer hold precedence. Having gained practice at Proenza Schouler, Bach Mai and on the editorial team at Vogue Australia his design explores possibilities of combining couture craft and accessibility for gender inclusive design.

email: michaelyxz@gmail.com

Michael is a past winner of the Australian Army Defense Award, Arts NSW Create Fund, BFA Fashion x JCPenny Scholarship Award and one of the current NET-A-PORTER British Fashion Council Vanguard finalists.