Marcelle Barbosa

Image: Credits
Image: Chocolata
Game: Candyland and the world of wonders

"The American Dream" as basic as jeans and a tee or a world made
of chocolate and candy?

Image: Credits
Image: Credits

Graphic painted art: Amethyst Monet
Image: Credits
Image: MrChaps(Men in suits)
Image: Acessories

As part of the collection the heels were 3D
printed and covered in denim with a red leather
Image: Titled the hat dancer
Image: Credits
Image: Titled : Aunt Sammy
Image: Titled The Settler


My name is Marcelle Barbosa, a Brazilian Parsons graduate hoping to work with different mediums and material developments to create and understand more about what it is to be a fashion designer.

My thesis collection hopes to embrace both aspects of who I am and identify with, creating characters to speak about a subject I never knew how to talk about. While still keeping the lively andnostalgic side of fashion that I love