Lyùyin Wang


Fata Morgana

The Fata Morgana fashion collection is a unique and captivating expression of the intersection of architecture, identity, and perspective in the vibrant metropolis of New York. The collection features each piece carefully crafted to challenge our expectations and inspire new ways of viewing the world around us.
The collection celebrates outsiders' unique perspectives, inviting us to contemplate how our identities shape our experiences and perceptions of space. Each piece is a testament to the resilience and creativity of those who have made New York City their home.


I am Victoria Lyuyin Wang, a fashion student at Parsons, New York, and a visionary fashion designer from China. From a young age, I have been drawn to the unconventional side of fashion, with an aesthetic that includes avant-garde silhouettes, deconstructed and up-cycled fashion, and a fascination with capturing shapes from architecture to fashion.

My strength lies in combining different fields of study to create unique and innovative designs. With a deep commitment to the avant-garde, I constantly explore new ways to construct textiles and shapes in my collection.