Liwen Sang



I’ve been surrounded by loneliness
I try to look out of the window every time I look for noise. But as always, all I hear is the sound of electricity like I have hearing aids, the sound in my brain amplified. 
Image: 3D Explore
The declarative sentences floating in my head, slowly turn into the questions, exclamations and a jumble of symbols like alien languages that blended with a silence in the room. And I wonder if there were bullet screens in my life scene, I would probably be surrounded by thousands of live bullet screens, and I might not seem so lonely and helpless. 
My mind start to wander again, and I pulled myself out into the sky, like a science fiction movie trying to see tall buildings from god’s perspective, where the apartment became live streaming in 3d. 
I was as excited as I opened the home page of Netflix, because there’s a lot of different themes, different contents, and I found my own channel, which was more like a Chaplin’s black and white silent movie, watching myself walking from the living-room to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the living room. And then suddenly running into the mirror to talk to myself and make silly faces. Constantly flying around the house, trying to create a presence in every corner. 
To break the silence, I added background music to my life channel. I went into the kitchen. start to prepare my dinner. And just like that, it was another episode of my life documentary. This episode is filled with a bit of light from hope. 
Well, alright then. Let’s finish this with the famous Truman line.
Good morning and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon and good evening and good night.


Liwen Sang is a female Chinese fashion designer who graduated from the renowned Parsons School of Design. With a deep concern about the issues that women face in society, she strongly believes that fashion can be used as a medium to raise awareness and bring about solutions to these problems. Her work often explores exaggerated clothing silhouettes with simple and clean colors. Her unique approach to fashion design stems from her desire to create a dialogue around social issues and challenge existing stereotypes in fashion.

During her thesis, Liwen focused on exploring separation anxiety, drawing from her own traumatic childhood memories. Her work was driven by a desire to help herself out of the shadows and reconcile with herself through clothing. She found inspiration in what she considers the safest place in the world – the bed and the quilt – and created her own safe house using pure cotton fabric.

Liwen's work is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also deeply thought-provoking. By using fashion to explore complex emotions and social issues, she hopes to create a platform for conversations that can lead to positive change.