Lin Du



As a curious person who loves cats, I drew inspiration from my memories spent with my feline  companions to create this collection of textiles. Crafting and needlepoint work have always been  a form of meditation for me, especially when my cats snuggle up to me while I work alone at  home. As I began designing this collection, I envisioned myself suspended between two states of  reality, between dream and reality, the stage and the street. The resulting collection reflects a  bold and rebellious aesthetic, with eclectic prints that mix traditional and psychedelic elements. I  kept the shapes of the garments simple to allow for imaginative interpretations and mix-and matching, offering luxurious fabrics and sumptuous jacquards in pieces like down pants,  masculine jackets, miniskirts, puffy skirt, and brassieres. Bold embroideries, intarsia, and  appliqués add a theatrical appeal to the exquisitely crafted pieces. Overall, my collection reflects  a particular sense of beauty and eccentricity while still respecting reality.


I'm a fashion designer currently based in New York, but originally born and raised in China. My  background in fine art has given me a unique perspective on fashion design, which I aim to  showcase through my work. I'm passionate about highlighting my skills in color theory,  composition, and textile design to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also expertly  crafted. I believe that my versatility in both fields allows me to bring a fresh perspective and  aesthetic to any creative project or collaboration. I'm always excited to explore new avenues and  take on new challenges in my career as a designer.