Laina Wu



A theoretical astrophysical object predicted by general relativity. It is a concentration of heat, light, or radiation so intense that its energy forms an event horizon and becomes self-trapped.
Image: The print is created from motion-captured photography of the streets in my area.
The photos are printed and collaged physically, then scanned in as a digital print.
"I don't remember what is going on in my head, it felt like I was trapped in a storm, a spinning room, different images flashed in front of my eyes like broken films. And sometimes I can find myself again, a firm ground to anchor."
The collection began from my personal experience of the past year, moving through different cities and losing focus on daily life. The experience was translated through the cowl shape, which hints at the movement of falling, allowing the fabric to drape and flow when the body moves. 
KUGELBLITZ is a ready-to-wear collection that merges tailoring and draping— exploring the balance between the two distinct fundamentals of garment making. The visual cue revolves around the shape of the cowl placed on various parts of the body, sometimes exposing the entire torso and other times functioning as pockets. It is a collection for bustling city life, relaxed yet poised, much like the balance I want the wearers to have walking through the hectic urban streets.