Katrina Li


broken unbroken

Yin and Yang make the whole world in Chinese philosophy concept. It is believed that each object is fulfilled by either Yin or Yang life into each object. It is believed that with the combination of Yin and Yang, the balances would be formed. The I Ching book contained 64 hexagrams which are called “六爻”, with either broken or unbroken lines. “六爻” or the hexagrams were meant to be divination in the Zhou dynasty. It is still used today for predicting things.
In this collection, I will be depicting 5 symbols to create 5 looks. Each of the looks has its own character inspired by the book, 梅花易数. Each of the symbols is indicated with specific colors and things, which are used in the garments by giving symbols life.


Katrina Li, a Chinese fashion designer, is influenced by her heritage and cultural background. Under her mother's and father's influence, she is interested in delving into Zen and Buddha. She is interested in human cycles, and the concept of wabi-sabi. She became intrigued by prediction and the forces of nature surrounding her. Wabi-Sabi's philosophy of imperfection and perfection piqued her interest and affected her designs in fashion.