Jingyi Vivian Hong



Upon realizing the physical and spiritual consequences of my sugar addiction, I was compelled to start a collection.
Through this collection, I aim to capture the essence of how desserts can evoke memories of carefree childhoods and provide psychological relief from the pressures of modern life. The connection between sweets and sexual undertones was a topic of fascination in my research.
Image: The action of licking candies such as lollipops or sugar rings and terms like "sugar dates" are also associated with sex.
Image: Drugs can be deceptively packaged to resemble sugar, potentially leading to harmful consequences for consumers.
Photographer: Cassie Zhang / @cassiezyz
Models: Francesca Xu / @itscarlett_xjy
Zixuan Liu / @lzqoo
Make-up: Coco Zhu / @cocozhumakeup
Hair: Daniel J Lutz / @daniel.lutz.hair
Assistant: Seyeon Bang / @gnabnoeyes
Special thanks to: Jialin Huang / @real_inspirit
Jane Hou / @meixin1112
And to all the other friends who helped me during the process. Without your support and assistance, I wouldn't have been able to complete this project.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗


Jingyi Hong, a Shanghai-born fashion designer, graduated from Parsons School of Design. Her passion for art and design began in childhood, and she excelled in animation, winning awards in painting, and exploring ceramics and photography. Inspired by a teacher at RISD summer school, Jingyi shifted to abstract art using charcoal, ultimately leading her to fashion design. Her personal experiences inspire her draping-based designs, reflecting her interest in sculpture. Jingyi's dedication to exploring new mediums has established her as a multidimensional artist and designer poised to make an impact in the art and design world.