Jie Chen



The unknown is what stimulates mankind’s curiosity and thus leads to the motivation of finding out the brightness of truth. Nevertheless, when the truth is veiled, people make their own truth to believe, which shall be overthrown over and over. To what overpowering the ultimate unveiled truth, is the everlasting alternation of overthrowing and rebuilding of every creation theory. The act of creating is constant. 
The motivation of creation is the woven of the initial creation of the first creator and the ongoing creation by all man. The world is at the intersection of the surreal power and the traceable artificial power that cannot only be narrowed to one truth, which fails to explain the power source of the act of creating. The shaping of the universe is non-centralized at once effort by one single God, but the collaboration of successive creators that includes us humans.

Thesis Statement

My thesis is based on my new surreal version of Genesis, creating a story frame for the wearers to build out their temporary truth under the framework. The garments have mechanisms inspired by pop-up book art to enable adjustable features, so that the wearers are also the cocreators in the worldview I created, continuing to create their second layer of flesh, the garments.
Video: Neo·Genesis Animation
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Jie Chen is a senior-year student from Parsons School of Design. She is a visual narrator working through fashion, illustration, animation, and digital assets to showcase her concept with metaphors. Fashion for her is a carrier to tell stories, and she values the construction and functionality of the garments. The designer of detailed structure and making it functional is what Jie’s aiming for. Jie believes that clothing is gender-neutral and she designs unisexwears for all genders to wear and make sure the sizing is adjustable for the majority of body shapes.