Jenny Xiao



“A Birdie" in golf is one stroke under par for an individual golf hole. They're rare for most and elusive for all golfers. Being born in a business family, golf has been a necessity for my education. My dad is the muse of my collection. He led me to the golf world. It is known for a businessman sport, but it is also age friendly and gender free. My collection aims to portray golf from an asian girl’s eye, creating a series of playful garments based on modern golf, business world, ancient Chinese golf, and the humorous moments that happen in a game: when you lose a ball.
Through researching the historical, cultural and practical aspects of golf this collection explores the possibility of a balance between the opposing power of dynamic and still forces while reconstructing familiarity into unfamiliar structures. I want to express my findings through garments along with accessories to visually interpret the relations of gender, self and sports. Bringing in a new perspective to challenge the stereotypical golf image. This Thesis collection will define the new golf that is all about fun in an unconventional approach, while maintaining the sporty energy.
Video: 30 sec trailer.
Image: Prints inspired by Chuiwan


Jenny Xiao’s approach to design is centered around bringing order to chaos.  Jenny’s creative focus is on the ordinary and mundane objects in our lives. She delves into multifunctionality and incorporates unexpected details to bring a more enjoyable and playful experience for the wearer. Jenny aims to create a space for her audience to pause, breathe, and immerse themselves in her work, away from the distractions of their busy lives. She hopes that people will develop a deeper appreciation for the small moments and things in life. Born and raised in China, her cultural background has inspired her with the use of unity. It is presented in the consistent use of colors and forms in her collection.  Exploration of unconventional materials has become a routine in Jenny’s creative process. Unlinking their traditional use and reorganizing it to new purposes help Jenny to achieve more thoughtful details.