Jennifer Teng



Jiefei Teng is a fashion designer from China who specializes in womenswear and accessories graduated from Parsons School of design. Drawing inspiration from her daily life and various hobbies, she creates an escape to a fantasy world through fashion design. Jiefei's love for textiles and craft is apparent in her designs, as she uses a lot of embroidery, knitting, as well as other textile techniques. She draws inspiration from the processes of fabrication techniques to develop new silhouettes and designs. Her favorite technique is tambour bead embroidery, which creates dazzling and intricate pieces. By blending her knowledge of textiles with her meticulous construction, Jiefei creates clothes that can provide a momentary escape from reality, transporting people to a world of daydreams and euphoria. She wants her clothing designs to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the viewer.

Jiefei(Jennifer) Teng

Ins: @jjjennifer052