Jamee Riddle


Thesis Statement

My graduating collection is an ode to my background growing up in a creative household. My father being a fine artist and my mother being a fashion designer has played a pivotal role in shaping my own aesthetic and perception of the world. In my final collection, I wish to showcase how these two distinct influences have come together to create something unique and reflective of my own spirit and character, and to visualize how I interpret the world around me. This collection has evolved tremendously from start to finish, and became a study of the relationship between the narrative and the abstract. The “narrative” being real things in the world, and the “abstract” being the recollection of the real. 


My name is Jamee Riddle, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I come from a highly creative household, my mother being a fashion designer and my father being a fine artist, this has had a great impact on me growing up. I spent a lot of my time doing large-scale abstract paintings and figure drawings. The formal analysis and critiques of my work has carried on into my design philosophy. My process during this time was also greatly influenced by music. Both art and music require a great deal of skill and creativity, and work in tandem with elements like rhythm, harmony, color, proportion, and tension. These elements are things that have become the foundation of my designing process and continue to be.