Isabel Munoz



The idea of reconnecting to my Puertorrican roots and display important aspects of what it means for me to be a Puerto Rican creative was something that I had barely just scratched the surface on. Using and bringing back cultural, traditional and natural elements was an exciting journey where I was able to explore different ideas and mix them just like us Puertorricans have a shared and mixed culture. 
Throughout this journey I have created my own community where, along with other Puertorrican artists, I was able to connect all our backgrounds and bring this collection to life. From the artistic and cultural aspect of creating prints and mixing materials I created a highly colorful palette to embrace the vivid colors of our flora and fauna as well as our esence. 

With this project I hope I can evoke for you the feelings of cultural pride, appreciation, spirit, romance and tropicaleo as it did to me throughout this past year. 
Image: Tradition: hand crafting of the textile industry, Mundillo (bobbin lace). Researched the history of Mundillo and most specifically how the craft is carried through generations. Unfortunately, today, this is considered a dying culture, which is why I found it important to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of working as a community and as a family to continue this practice and passing it through generations. 

Key aspects from my culture that I focused on were where celebrations of cultural heritage, history and art are involved. Each town celebrates differently, in these images you will see at the bottom vegigantes, they are easy to point out because of their voluminous garments with lots of colors and most importantly their masks with horns. Puertorrican music and dance expands through different genres and looked mostly into Bomba and appreciated more the importance of it and how it was originally created as a form of self-expression. 

Final Look Photos

To best depict my idea of creating a community and going back to my roots, I put together a team of models, photographer/storyteller, stylist and others who assisted along the way and brought my final designs to life. We shot these photos in Rio Grande, home of the tropical rainforest El Yunque.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I was introduced at an early age into the world of arts and dance. My work is mostly influenced by nature elements paired with historical research pertaining to the nature’s location. 

This page contains research material and final works created by Isabel Muñoz for her BFA thesis collection at Parsons titled Mi Mundillo. Inspiration is drawn from traditions, culture and nature from Puerto Rico. She created her own community where she collaborated with other Puertorrican artists and brought her designs to life.