Heewon Lee

Image: Elliot in NANA jacket and Pants
Image: Left: Eunhu in Heewon's Beanie, Hyunjae's Jacket / Right: Lori in Heewon's Beanie, Gun's look
Image: Eunhu in Heewon's Coat and Culottes / Gun's Head Piece and Leg Accessory
Image: Left: Hyunjae's Look / Center: Heewon's Look / Right: Heewon's Garments and Gun's Accessories
“You wanted a way to change your life. You could not do this on your own. All the ways you wish you could be, that’s me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck. I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I’m free in all the ways that you are not (…) People do this everyday. They talk to themselves… they see themselves as they’d like to be, they don’t have the. courage you have, to just run with it. Naturally your’e still wrestling with it, so sometimes you’re still you.”
Fight Club (1999)
The modern world operates in a way that makes you feel perpetually depleted. It also kindly suggests what you can pursue in order to fill this insufficiency. It conditions you to blindly chase after these things, without knowing what exactly you are pursuing. When you trip and fall one fine day, questioning why you wanted this in the first place, you would be left with silence, as you were chasing an empty ideal. This system seems futile, but you can break out from it. When you cease shoving things into that unbearable emptiness within yourself, when you face the ever-frightening question of what you are truly missing, when you fill in those gaps with what you want or need, you begin to develop your own voice, your own vocabulary. This collection is a verb. It is on filling up, on shredding down. It is on dressing out of fear to dressing with autonomy, leveling our essences and appearances, reality and idea.
Image: Elliot in Look 1
Image: Lori in Look 2 - Moldable top made with aluminum foil layered between skin fuse and shirting / lightweight denim skirt with fake ties acting as draw string and stopper system
Image: Pads in look 3 styled with Gun's head piece - Nylon ripstop coat with multiple buttons and button holes / Lightweight denim culottes with multiple buttons and button holes
Image: Elliot in look 4 - Bleach treated cotton canvas track jacket with vertical panels connected with two-way coil zippers / Track pants with vertical panels connected with coil zippers; detachable leg panels connected to main body with metal snaps
Image: Lori in look 5 - Waffle pique puffer jacket with hanging buttons / Heavy-weight raw denim shorts with pockets extending through knee opening; antique brass two-way zipper runs from center front to center back, replacing the crotch seam
Image: Collective Lineup (Gun, Hyunjae, Heewon)
Collaboration Partners - Gun Jung, Hyunjae Nam
Photography - Jin Hyun
Videography - James Ahn
Photo Editing - Gun Jung
Models - Elliot Zylstra / Eunhu Lim / Hexuan (Lori) Yin / Pads / Sylvia Yun
Special Thanks to - Chewon Han / Jamie Kwon / Marion Jun


Heewon is an emerging fashion designer based in NYC who was born in Cardiff, raised in Eindhoven, Seoul, and Beijing. Growing up and navigating through multiple cultures and their respective expectations, she cultivated a world of her own that transcends her ever-changing geographic surroundings. She believes in the power of individuals and the voices they carry, as ultimately, societies and cultures are webs and webs of these individual stories and perspectives. Through fashion and style, Heewon aspires to aid the ones who wear her clothes to find or enrich their essence. She strives to design clothes that are structurally open ended, with hopes that she can present her wearers with a sense of agency.


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Instagram: @0000.heewonlee

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