Hanyu Zhou


Atypical Morphology

My thesis collection is inspired by the principles of human-centered design. I started byquestioning how clothing can be more accessible and inclusive to those who suffer from body morphologies such as scoliosis or muscle imbalances. I have conducted research and interviews with people who have body asymmetry on the potential issues they encounter about clothing. The feedback has several similar problems such as: having a short torso from scoliosis and fencing athletes having imbalanced leg muscles that they cannot find pants that would fit correctly. Therefore, for this collection, I incorporated adjustable elements such as buckles, adjustable straps, and hidden pleats to accommodate these issues.


Hanyu Zhou

Hanyu is a fashion designer based in New York and Toronto. Her design inspirations are often based on personal experiences and issues that she resonates with to provide a solution. In the near future, she wishes to expand her expertise to wearable technology and human-computer interaction design.