Gun Jung

Image: Hyunjae Nam's look(front), Gun Jung's Look(back), Heewon Lee's Beanies
Image: Gun Jung's headgear and knee brace with Heewon Lee's Look_Model -Enhu Lim
Image: Look 1 : One
Image: Look 1 : ONE (360) _ Model -Pads
Image: Look 2 : SAE (360) _ Model - Lori
Image: Look 2 :SAE
Image: Look 3 : IREZUMI
Image: Look 3 : IREZUMI(360) _ Model - Pads
Image: Look 4 : AKMA(360) _ Model - Sylvia
Image: Look 4 : AKMA
Image: Look 5 : JOTTGGA
Image: Look 5: JOTTGGA(360) _ Model - Pads
Image: GunJung, Hyunjae Nam, Heewon Lee's look combined_ Model -Troy


Keon is a young fashion designer based in NYC who was born in South Korea, and raised in Philadelphia. 

He is currently based in New York. Through his designs, he aspires to influence people to create their chosen identities. Keon’s main inspiration comes from his earlier years in South Korea and their boxed education. The harsh society that Korean students have to endure has been the cornerstone of his inspiration which he shows through his designs and silhouettes. Through his works Keon aims to reveal and bring awareness to societal issues.


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