Gabriela Akel

Image: photography: Stephanie Rodriguez / lighting assist: Zach Wassef / style assist: Maria Miranda / hair: Via Bartolini / mua: Misha Thelen / talent: Amira Natanne / talent: Araminta Lagrange


Gabriela Akel is a NYC-based designer hailing from Brazil whose practice centers around the meaning of home. With a childhood spent traversing the equator, she developed a curious fascination with this concept and how it can employ the physical, moving body. Studying at institutions like Parsons, Central Saint Martins, and the New World School of the Arts, she has honed a distinctive process-based technique that seamlessly

merges her background in fine art with conceptual patterning, draping, and experimental textile printing. Through her work, Gabriela creates a romantic and introspective tale that sheds light on elusive puzzles surrounding the immigrant mind.

*Full portfolio available upon request