Eva He

Eva He
Collection 2023

For my thesis, I focus on the solutions to ambivalence as an anxiety disorder. In daily life, ambivalence is encountered in times of having mixed feelings and contradictions that are often a torment to the mind and leads to anxiety; it does not only torture the mind but often can lead to the undermining of the physical body to weakness and fatigue, and yet ambivalence and anxiety is a common experience that happens to almost anyone, disrupting daily functioning. 

My thesis concept is Free from Ambivalence; the collection will represent a solution for ambivalence, the well-being side that alleviates people from anxiety, assisting in discovering positivity and comfort through my designs that can fight the vulnerability and stress of this problem. Concerning my preferred style, my thesis concept links the beauty of minimalism with personal style; the designs' emotional value will be the tranquility, simplicity, and comfort for the body and the mind, liberating the body with fluidity. The overall mood of this collection maintains tranquil, soothing, and serene, discovering the elegance within. 
Image: I am highly inspired by the emphasis on the motif of lines in the looks, showing further power in the idea of thoroughness and fluidity.
Image: The jacket in this look is made by using the double face sewing technique that creates a traditional double faced jacket look.

This look is asymmetrical, in which the exaggerated collar is created by the technique of flipping the "jacket facing" inside out.

This look is wholly made out of wool coating with the involvement of french seams
and double faced seams, creating a chic double-faced look.
Designer: Eva He
Photographer: Nico Liu
Videographer: Min Zhao
Assistant: Chang Xu
Makeup and Hair: Tina
Model: Keke
Music: Glacier by SalmonLikeTheFish


Eva He is a fashion designer and student at Parsons School of Design. Born in Illinois and growing up in China and California, she explored a wide range of fashion throughout her years of studying at Parsons, mainly focusing on the minimalist style within her design direction. For Thesis this year, she proceeds with a minimalist design approach centering around a concept that projects a sense of positivity and optimism. Yet, Eva continues to explore art and design inspirations within various areas, learning new things that might impact her design in the future.