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Mixing two completely opposite worlds together is what I love the most about the world. As I looked at the cross between society now and society in the past, I found it quite comical when thinking about the lifestyle differences of Victorian socialites like Marie Antoinette and mixing that with someone that lives a mundane, simple lifestyle like a fisherman. Marie Antoinette, known for her over-the-top clothing and lifestyle, I fell in love with the idea of how in society today anyone can be in love even Marie Antoinette and a messy fisherman. The contrast between an extravagant and simple lifestyle served as an inspiration for my collection, Over the Top Simplicity!
Other references came from my favorite childhood whimsical movies with strong Gothic aesthetics like Miss. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Secret of Moonacre, and anything by Tim Burton like Beetlejuice. Lastly, a recurring bad dream of mine of venus fly traps inspired me to create 3D printed accessories that take the shape of the plants spikes. These accessories provide protection, similar to how fisherman or blue-collar workers would need protection within their gear or clothing while working.
Image: Fabric exploration
Image: 3D printed accessories in collaboration with Charles Ferguson
Image: Intial Sketches!

Design Process:

Understructures of shoulder pads, cotton interfacing, crinoline, and boning were fundamental aspects to creating the shapes and structures within my collection.



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Based in New York City, Eloise Sayles creates a world where every simple task is elevated. Whether you’re going to get a cup of coffee at your local deli in a couture gown, or mowing the lawn in 8 inch stilettos. Boiled down, it’s about embracing our highest selves and accentuating that in the most mundane aspects of life. Everything Eloise creates is an extension of herself in which showcases her curiosities, anxieties, joys, whimsicalness, and frustrations that she finds within society and through life experiences. Eloise Sayles is for those that are often misunderstood and overlooked. They are considered weird, dramatic, possibly quiet at first, and often intimidating to outsiders. They are not afraid of being who they are and speaking their opinions when needed.

The people Eloise designs for don’t limit themselves to a certain box or label in which they feel they need to have because society stated so. Our clientele carries themselves with poise and grace, yet know when to not take themselves too seriously and often embrace the raw moments in life. They are brutally honest and gritty people, spilling over on themselves and not the first chosen in the crowd. However, they embrace their quirks and use it as their greatest power which allows their vulnerability to flourish, fueling their fears with passion and drive towards their goals when others would assume that doing so puts you at a disadvantage. For Eloise, her brand brings together a community which makes it tangible to feel yourself in such a way that’s so comforting and close to your highest sense of self-expression.