Elle Jackson

Image: The Outlaw vest and dress pictured on medium format film at Lonesome Pines Longhorn Ranch

Threads of Tradition: A Tribute to American Crafts, Family History, and Cowboy Culture

Threads of Tradition is the story of home, and what it becomes to you when you leave it. I grew up hearing stories of the ranch from my mother and falling deeply in love with the huge Texas sky.

This collection honors that history, the generations of Texas ranchers that I come from. Using the disappearing American crafts that have been passed down in my family by the women before me such as quilting and leather tooling, I created my own story.
Each look is infused with small details of western and workwear, creating garments that try to blend the sides of ornamentation and function within this classic American style.

With inspiration coming from rodeo culture, historic quilting, and the experience of leaving Texas, Threads of Tradition stitches together my story, one that I hope will be told to the generations that come after me. 

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Born and raised in Austin, TX, I grew up on stories my mother told me about her childhood on the ranch. I spent nights wrapped in quilts my grandmothers made and every first day of school and Halloween in something homemade.

I started sewing at 8 years old and haven’t stopped since. As I grew up the Barbie clothes became full garments and prom dresses, and this passion landed me in the fashion design program at Parsons School for Design in New York.

Over my four years at Parsons I have only begun to fully understand my love for Texas, western, and work wear. Drawing from my family history and background has allowed me to create innovative new takes on the classic American fashion.