Egor Belykh


ВЕЧЕРИНКА [vecherinka] (eng. party) — a womens’ ready-to-wear clubbing uniform collection.

It is inspired by Russian constructivist artworks and Post-Soviet raver and NYC youth culture. The silhouette is deliberately simple to highlight the wearer's body in the clubbing environment, with choices to reveal, conceal or highlight certain parts of attractiveness. Activewear-inspired knit inserts provide ease of movement and security. The wearer is confident in their body and not afraid to wear revealing garments. The production process uses CLO3D to work more sustainably, allowing for skipped steps in pattern making, fittings, and innovative design details such as no-grainline rib knits. A tension-based finishing technique utilizes no seam allowance sewing on a regular serger, reducing the bulk of the garments and enabling unique designs.
Image: Rendered in Clo3D
Image: Clo3D/real life comparison.
Image: No-grainline tank top with speciality no-seam allowance stitch.


Egor Belykh is a Russian-born fashion designer graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York City. He finds inspiration in his multicultural self through referencing his upbringing in Russia, while always grounding the designs in urban New York. The inspiration is often processed in binaries, such as digital/real, past/future, woven/knit. Egor has a special passion for garment details and technicalities that go into the production of ready-to-wear. The technicalities then become garment details, and garment details become technicalities, feeding into each other resulting in a resolved garment. He strives to work in a more sustainable yet realistic way for the industry by skipping wasteful steps in production through work with CLO3D.


tel: 646-932-96-56

instagram: @mynameisnotigor