Deanna Yan


Smile Stealer

Almost everyone has experienced toothache, and the pain of tearing nerves almost makes people want to die. I also experienced the first toothache experience in my life a few months ago. It was nerve pain caused by the inflammation of the wisdom teeth. It was the first time I felt the taste of toothache, which made me feel the painful.  Because of this experience, I began to think about the research on toothache related materials and wonder how human beings have fought against our body pain from ancient times to the present. Transforming the relationship between human beings and teeth from ancient times to the present theme, to think about what efforts have been made by human beings when fighting toothache?  Why do problems with our teeth exist?  Based on different aspects of historical fables, anatomy, and different aspects of my own experience, I will start a more in-depth topic.
I found that most people are actually afraid of seeing teeth and pulling teeth. It is almost a childhood nightmare for many people. Even this shadow accompanies them when they grow up. So I combined many elements of dark airy tales into this design, showing scary of dentistry and of receving dental care. In exploring the history of human teeth, I found that human teeth have not always been the shape we imagined. In the process of evolution, people found that most of the ancient people's teeth were strange. This may be caused by the process of human evolution or  Lack of advanced medical technology.  So I explored these strange shapes and re-collaged and combined them to get some new shapes. Aside from the agony of a toothache, the most painful thing I can think of is the scary-looking and disparately shaped tools that restore teeth.  So I tried to develop the shape of these tools and use the screws as attachment points to see how they work, to find similarities with human mechanics


Deanna Yan(Deanna Li) is always thinking about the relationship between the human body and the garment. She not only focuses on variation in body sizes, shapes, proportion, but involves cultural, individual, and functional aspects of the relationship of clothing to the body. At each stage of her process, she gains a new understanding of the field of fashion design. She is fascinated by various innovative fabrics and ingenious silhouettes, thinking about the infinite possibilities behind them. She prefers to represent her design as a language to express the complex feelings and relationships of human beings. In the process of designing, she puts herself in the role of an observer, who searches for subtle phenomena around her.