Claire Kim



When I was a little girl, as my mother read fairy tale books, I always opened up an imaginary land. Wondering, if I had my own fairytale story, what would it be like?
I was born from a dream, one that was dreamt by my father. By a river, he came across a shiny, pretty silver clam and he picked it up. All under a pink and purple cotton candy.


Claire Kim was born in South Korea and was raised in Chicago. She is specialized in constructing dresses, as well as ready-to-wear women’s wear. She currently is a senior at Parsons School of Design, majoring in fashion design. Claire originally conceived fashion design as expressing only characters and individualities. However, she realized how powerfully fashion can influence one’s thoughts and dreams. Fashion is not just putting fabrics together for better looks; rather, it can also build up a new dream for someone. This led Claire to step further into creating garments that bring imaginative ideas into reality, believing garments can lead to unforeseen possibilities.