Chloe Wade


Thesis Statement

Within the bustling metropolis of Panamá City, Panamá, there are three distinct worlds brimming with archaeological marvels, history, and twenty-first century architectural feats. Despite being located within just a few square miles, the areas of Casco Antiguo, Panama Viejo, and the city center offer a unique juxtaposition of ancient, colonial, and contemporary elements. In my thesis collection, I aim to capture the awe I felt upon visiting Panamá City for the first time and imbue this striking contrast into clothing.  My creative process began by creating semi-abstract paintings using imagery from each of these three “worlds” within Panamá City. These paintings later became the foundation for the collection's prints and color palette.
Furthermore, my research into the architecture of Panamá City, particularly the F&F Tower, a twisting corkscrew-shaped skyscraper, inspired me to incorporate pleats to mimic its dynamism and movement. Asymmetry and the juxtaposition of fabrics – solids and prints, as well as different weights and textures– further facilitated the collision of worlds in my thesis 2023 collection. Through this body of work, I aim to prove that history, architecture, and fashion can be inextricably linked without compromising functionality or beauty.
Image: Lookbook - Look 1
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Chloe Wade was born in Akron, Ohio, where she developed a passion for fashion design at a young age. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design, where she recently graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design.

Chloe has been able to work alongside talented designers and hone her skills in creative research and technical design through internships at Proenza Schouler and Two New York. Currently, Chloe works as the Assistant Designer at Meg, where she has utilized her skills and continued to develop her unique design aesthetic.

As a designer, Chloe is especially interested in incorporating her artwork as prints and is known for her innovative use of color, texture, and print. Her designs have been featured in several independent publications and exhibitions, and have been sold in stores in New York City and Toronto. In the future, Chloe hopes to continue to create bold designs that empower their wearer and push the boundaries of everyday clothing.