Chengyu Cheryl Xue

Image: Focusing on what’s left of the past and the notion of being able to preserve momentary things through memory have provided me with a sense of comfort after I lost a loved one. In the philosophical view of wabi-sabi, all things are impermanent, and everything eventually fades into oblivion and nonexistence. I think the transient nature in things is what makes them more endearing. Memories are no exception to impermanence, but even if they are on the verge of being forgotten, there is still a faint evidence of time frozen, marking a sign of existence of the past. As manifested in Chinese calligraphy and painting, physical nonexistence itself is alive with possibilities in the presence of absence. Through the process of making cyanotypes and hand-stitches, I want to reconnect with grief and explore the continuity of transient moments in life, striving to preserve a sense of serenity from imperfections and co-exist with pain.


Chengyu Cheryl Xue is a fashion designer who aims to embody both sensibility and craftsmanship in her designs. Her minimalist aesthetic philosophy combines simplicity with sophistication through the use of handcraft, such as crochet and embroidery. Often drawing inspirations from her family’s background in Fine Arts, Chengyu’s design process is imbued with an authentic and expressive essence as she transforms drawings and paintings to garments, infusing her creations with a unique sensibility. Chengyu seeks to find beauty in everyday life, even through the imperfections. Using this belief as a guiding principle, Chengyu strives to convey a sense of visual harmony and aesthetic pleasantness through her creations.


Instagram: @cherylxue_