Bea Atkins


Seducing TikTok

My collection is about the the greatest drug of them all, social media… AKA TikTok. Just saying it I feel the dopamine rush through my body. But first who am I? And why do I deserve your attention?
I am @beaprojet, and I am a fashion TikToker and persona with over 5.1 million impressions. So you could say that me and TikTok, we know each other.  But that’s not why I’m here, I heard you all wanna be TikTok famous, I am the perfect person to help you with the mission. And seduce TikTok.
Image: First, let’s meet YOURSELF. The base avatar. When I designed your look. I tailored the denim to make a long jacket and pants. Then covered it in digital dust which was screen printed using a graphic I created by manipulating different phone screens and giving a chrome effect. Yourself is the perfect avatar to whip your other personas into shape so they will be ready to conquer TikTok.
Image: Meet the INNOCENT, she might look pure but what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in madness. When I designed her look I made a drapey dress in wife me up pink but then screen printed a robotic snake revealing some of her true wildness.
Image: Meet the RULER, She’s your right hand man and the most seasoned professional of the group. She means business, I designed the perfect crop suite to capture the essence of her ruling persona. While still staying sexy in a revealing corset and bow to capture TikToks heart. On these assists I screen printed a print I made of broken phone glass in silver shine and baby pink to give it that virtual glow.
Image: Meet the FANTASY, her speciality is shape shifting into the illusion TikTok wants to see. I designed a snatching corset and skirt then made a print using different filters which I then screen printed in super shiny metallic ink so we could deceive and seduce TikTok.
Image: Meet the SHADOW her speciality is going unnoticed, so I designed the perfect corseted jacket and set for her skills. Who said going unnoticed isn't sexy?
Image: Now that you have met you and your team, let’s meet the first person on our hit list… Tik Tok herself. She wears a virtual void skirt of never ending content with a corset in blood. For the design I laser cut a heart in the center of the corset because we all wanna double tap that content.


As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the influence of social media platforms like TikTok is undeniable. Bea Atkins is at the forefront of this digital revolution, using her design skills and social media savvy to create a unique and engaging experience for her audience.

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