Angel Pan


After the Anthroprocene; Artificial Nature

What would it be like after the era of humans? What is left of us, our mark on Earth? For my thesis, I will manifest a world where the anthropocene no longer contains humans, yet the traces of human activity remain. My lens will examine the socioeconomic, biological, and technological developments that define the relationship between human society and nature.
The collection will explore human driven alterations of the earth and the psyche behind our dominance over nature. Artificial nature is conveyed through organic silhouettes of soft knits and boned structures, wooly texture with mechanical patterns and padded forms derived from mutation. When the remnants of human existence are turned into a wearable, will this become an immersive experience of anxiety?
Video: Videographer Cleo Yao (@cleoyaooo)


Angel Pan, a Chinese-Canadian fashion designer, is deeply engaged in the ongoing conversations surrounding the critical issues of our time, particularly related to humanities and environmentalism. As a 2022 CFDA Scholar, her case study explored the links between exploited female garment workers in the Global South connected to the history of unequal domestic work.

Her thesis collection is an anxious manifestation of her philosophy, examining the relationship between humans and nature, as we approach an end to harmonious co-existence. The collection incorporates 80% deadstock with materiality of 3D printing, yarn knit, jersey knit, plants, recycled mattress foam, fur, and shibori dye.