Alice Eugene Seon



Alice, born and raised in Pennsylvania, is a fashion designer based in New York. She

specializes in high-end womenswear and couture gowns.

From a very early age, she found her niche in fine arts. She was fascinated that she could

create something that never existed before to give it meaning. These childhood memories led

her to explore fashion design which was an outlet for her to express herself even more. Since

she strongly believed “fine feathers make fine birds”, Alice started her education in fashion

design to share her own visions for empowering others based on her experiences.

In Alice Eugene Seon’s thesis capsule collection, Invisible Woman, Alice applied silhouette

research and draping techniques to find unique silhouettes in designs that are rooted in her

personal anecdotes and experiences. Throughout the 2023 BFA Parsons Fashion Design

collection, she eloquently liberates and empowers women by creating strong women figures

while infusing a sense of humor into her work.

Alice will continue her education and personal studies, designing fashions that empower



MOBILE: 551-344-9208


INSTAGRAM: @aliceeugeneseon