Alessia Aucoin



by Alessia Aucoin
CYCLD is a project which uses upcycling as a means of reflecting the code of traditional climbing and hiking gear. CYCLD takes references from the North and South Pole exploration borrowing elements from the traditional of these historical garments. The collection is composed of upcycled materials; all items which have been thrifted or donated to the collection. The collection aims to express a playful, soft structured aesthetic while maintaining construction, and hardware related to both activities. CYCL_D merges a contemporary craft with historical references.


Alessia Aucoin is a multidisciplinary designer who’s practice typically revolves around garment design. Alessia’s guiding principle is her desire to create a more sustainable, inclusive industry. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Alessia was exposed to some of the most beautiful outdoor landscapes this world has to offer. She learned from a young age that we need to maintain the spaces we live in and take accountability for the waste that we produce. From this value and her adoration for her Nonno, who’s spare time revolved around upcycling trinkets in his garage, her design practice includes zero waste production and the upcycling of found materials. Alessia has studied fashion and design at Parsons the New School, Parsons Paris, and Central Saint Martins. Alessia has lived and worked in London, Paris, New York and Montreal. She has drawn much of her inspiration from the cultures and architectures in these great cities. Her favorite movements in architecture are Bauhaus, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco- in that order. She enjoys fine tailoring, playful silhouettes, and innovative construction. Alessia hopes to share that upcycling can be sustainable when all ends of the process are considered.